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We dance in fire light

Hands touch now I'm petrified

Will I make it out alive

This is fight or flight

This is do or die

Slow sparks right in front of me

You're close I can barely breathe

My heart’s like a falling tree

It skips a beat

I can feel the heat

If I say it 

Could you take it

If I'm honest, would you want it, ‘cause right now it's just a longing

Will I make it 

Will I break it

Can you see it, do you feel it, all at once I'm just believing that it's gonna be a hell of a ride

It’s ‘bout time we make stand

We’ll do the best we can

You take the lead, I’ll take your hand

Through this foreign land

We don’t need a plan

The town whispers undertones

Standing small in the overgrown

We don’t play with the status quo 

The less traveled road

Is the way we go, duh

Don’t want to be blinded

Gotta stay open minded

For all that could come of this


Don’t want to be misguided

We’re still undecided

Hang on, let’s avoid a hit and miss

written by
sawyer v stromwall


film from the studio

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