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A little bit about
sawyer victoria stromwall

I am a twenty-something creative with a passion for storytelling through words and photographs. In May of 2020, I received my B.A. in Communication, concentrating in Media & Journalism and Organizational Leadership. These days, I hold a very official CEO/Founder title and run Skapa Company. You can check it out at

My big girl dream is to be an author / speaker.  Ultimately, I want to use my story to impact the lives of others and gracefully reflect the goodness of God.


:: FUN FACT ::


Find my musical art below.


Big quality time gal, right here!

 If we’re talking enneagram numbers, I identify more with a 1w9. 

I’m a big believer in structured spontaneity (lol), honest communication, and celebrating the people you love. 


I love playing with style! Music, photography, clothes, you name it! I think it's fun to explore different ways of expression.


Every so often, I will open up an answer box on my Instagram & write little pep talk letters to send to those to drop their address. If you want to be a part, follow along @sawye16.

The story behind "Sawye" is that I was at a birthday party for one of BFFs, back in middle school. A bunch of us gals were playing Just Dance on the Wii, and for some reason there weren't enough letter slots to fit the r in. Naturally, that's when the nickname kicked in.

Pronounced SAW-YEE

Will also answer to SAW-YAY

Always goes by SAW-YER

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