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Have you ever noticed the action that's tied to wisdom when mentioned in the Bible?

It says "get" wisdom.

Solomon raves about wisdom in the book of Proverbs. If we grab ahold of it, wisdom will protect us, honor us, lead us along straight paths, keep us from stumbling as we run the race set before us. Proverbs 3 even says wisdom yields better returns than gold (verse 14 - read it for yourself)!

So, how do we get wisdom?

  1. Ask for wisdom. (Seriously, just ask God for it!)

  2. Seek wisdom out. (You'll know it when you see it. And if you don't, you can ask God for discernment while you're at it.)

  3. Walk with wise people. (Look for mentors. Ask questions. Learn. Apply wise principles to your life.)

More practically, let's say you wanted to make a Rhubarb pie. You're a little first time pie baker. Where do you start? You (probably) ask Google: How do I make a Rhubarb pie? Then what? You look for recipes. And next? You read how other people have made it before and you apply their baking knowledge to your experience. If something tastes off, you adjust for the future and grow in the process. It's as easy as pie! *wink wink*

Go get wisdom! I dare you to believe in the fruitfulness of seeking out knowledge and understanding.

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