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catching trains

if I'm being honest, ever since this time last year, I've felt like I've missed my train. the train I'm supposed to be on to take me to all the right places, through all the scenic views, next to the perfect people I'm dreamt up in my head. but for some reason, the me that is always 5 minutes early can't get to the railcar fast enough. the wind is blowing in my hair, my bags are packed, but the train always leaves without my foot on the step.

maybe you feel the same.

maybe we are thinking too small.

maybe all along we were supposed to miss it. maybe we weren't supposed to step on the first car, but wait for the next train. and while we were on the old wooden bench, waiting at the station, we'd sit next to a person who didn't look at all to be perfect, yet wholly human. and that person would ask us about ourselves; show an old fashioned curiosity that this world seemingly lacks. we'd tell them about our dreams and what we love to do, and they'll leave us with a "I believe you can do just that. Don't follow objects, follow steps."

maybe this year isn't about catching the train, but waiting for the next one. maybe it's about being diligent in the waiting, and focus on who we are becoming. at the end of the day, it really isn't about us at all. it's about them. it's what they teach us and how they believe and the depth of their trust for us to accomplish what they impart on us.

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